If you’re a creative, an innovator, a misfit or a wild-hearted human with a big f*cking vision who has a desire to step into the most authentic AF version of YOU in your business, then this is the session for you!

This is 90-minutes epic of back and forth where we tap into your magic and explore:

1. How to naturally align with your energetic signature and magnetise dream clients, projects and opportunities into your field simply by being YOU

2. How the f*ck to make decisions as YOU from an aligned place

3. Tapping into your limitless, expanded Self IN THE NOW MOMENT 

4. Your innate gifts & superpowers and the 'permission' to amplifying them

5. How you’re here to impact, influence and lead using the archetypal wisdom infused into your design

6. What the f*ck is your purpose (spoiler alert: YOU being you is your purpose - we simply explore what that may smell, taste, look and feel like when your fears and mind fuckery is seen through)


You can go rogue on the whole freaking  thing and see where the session takes you - love me a spontaneous Q&A sesh!!!

Please note: Your Enigma Session insights are individually crafted based on the exact time, date and location of your birth which are required at the time of booking your session. 




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